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Cartweaver Templates

Get Started even faster!

Cartweaver is incredibly easy to add to your site, but sometimes you need to get started even faster!
This is where Cartweaver 4 templates come in. Our templates offer attractive designs and efficient site structure right away. With a few CSS adjustments and some new graphics you can quickly individualize the look of the template and have a beautiful eCommerce site ready to go in very short order!

Free Cartweaver Template

As an example, try the free Cartweaver Template - available as a free download to all Cartweaver 4 ColdFusion or PHP users.

To set up a Cartweaver4 template you simply copy the template files into an empty site folder, copy the cw4 folder from your Cartweaver 4 download, open the configuration file and enter your data connection information, and run the automated database setup routine. You are now ready to start adding products and personalize the look of your site.

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How Cartweaver Templates Work

Like all things Cartweaver, templates are easy! Cartweaver Templates contain everything you need, with the exception of the cw4 folder that holds the Cartweaver function files, this you will copy in from your original Cartweaver 4 download zip file. Everything else is all set up and ready to go, including all pages, complete CSS style sheets, sample graphics such as the header logo, and sample images.

Watch this video to see just how easy it is! Cartweaver templates will enable you to go from an new, completely blank site, to a fully functional eCommerce site ready to personalize and add products in just minutes!



You will be able to download your free template once you purchase Cartweaver 4