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Cartweaver 4 FAQs

  • FAQ Instructions

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    If you don't see your question here, or need more information, don't hesitate to ask! We are happy to answer any inquiry, and will add the most frequent questions to this list.

    Note: these FAQs are intended for those contemplating buying Cartweaver 4. If you have questions of a more technical nature or need support questions answered, we recommend you look in the "Resources" section of this site, go to the Cartweaver Community Forums, or create a support ticket. These are all excellent resources for any technical Cartweaver questions.

  • Can I upgrade a Cartweaver 3 site to Cartweaver 4?

    Yes! Once again Cartweaver Makes it Easy!

    This was our most anticipated request, and we are glad to say the answer is yes!

    We have a robust CW3 to CW4 database import utility which cleanly and neatly extracts your Cartweaver 3 data, including all products, product images, product options, skus, categories, orders, customers and more, and inserts it into the proper locations within your newly-installed Cartweaver 4 database. This has been tested on stores with thousands of product and customer records, with successful results and speedy processing!

    Since all of the table names for Cartweaver 4 are new for this version, if your Cartweaver 3 site uses mySQL* you can install Cartweaver 4 into the same database as you are currently using for CW3, which allows you to run the import utility within your existing database for the fastest results. If your old CW3 database is on a different server, it is not a problem! As long as you have access permissions, you can connect to both databases to copy the required data from version 3 to version 4.

    As for the design, this can also be updated with just a few changes. Cartweaver 4 adds its functionality to your presentation pages with server-side includes, one for each primary store page, in much the same way as Cartweaver 3. Upgrading your site to use CW4 while retaining the existing design, can be as simple as removing the Cartweaver 3 includes and adding the Cartweaver 4 includes instead. (Some CSS modifications are usually required, but all styles for CW content are now neatly contained within named divs and other layout elements, for direct CSS targeting while avoiding conflicts with existing styles.)

    *Microsoft Access databases are no longer supported for Cartweaver 4 ColdFusion. However, data can be imported from a Cartweaver 3 Access database, providing a good opportunity to upgrade your db platform. The data importer will also retrieve records from a Cartweaver 3 MS SQL database.


  • Which versions of Dreamweaver are compatible with Cartweaver 4?

    Cartweaver 4 with the Extension is fully compatible with all versions of Adobe Dreamweaver "CS".If you prefer to work directly in the code, you will find Cartweaver 4 works very well with Eclipse, CFBuilder, Notepad ++, BBEdit, TextMate or any code editor of your choice. All of the source code is included and easy to access and modify!

    Dreamweaver CS+ All "CS" versions of Adobe Dreamweaver.

  • Do you have to use Dreamweaver to use Cartweaver 4?

    No. While the Cartweaver 4 Dreamweaver Extension makes things exceptionally fast and easy for Adobe Dreamweaver users, the Cartweaver 4 installation package includes all core files, and setup is just as easy for the code developer.

    Whatever may be your code editor of choice, you will be able to integrate Cartweaver 4 with your site quickly and easily, and you will find Cartweaver 4 to be an exceptional platform upon which to base all of your eCommerce sites, regardless of size or scope. You'll find the modular code, reusable functions and extensive inline code commenting to be extremely helpful, with files that are easily modified to fit your needs.

    CF Eclipse EclipseBB Edit aptana and many more!

  • Can you add CW to an existing html website?

    Yes indeed. If you are working in Dreamweaver, simply insert the Cartweaver elements into your design using the DreamweaverExtension and its included snippets. If you are using a code editor such as Eclipse to add ecommerce functionality to your current site, it is merely a matter of dropping in a few server side includes. (Note, any dynamic pages will have to change from .htm or .html to the proper file extension for your .cfm or .php server model).

  • Can I choose a custom design for my ecommerce site?


    Cartweaver is completely customizable. The functionality of Cartweaver is specifically designed to be placed within your design, rather than forcing you into any preconceived look or feel. All the formatting for text and other elements in the Cartweaver functionality - colors, text and the like - is handled with CSS, which can be easily modified to fit your design. For most developers, this offers all the customization they require without any dynamic code skills (ColdFusion, PHP).

    You can also customize even further by opening and editing the functionality files. (This requires you to know a little bit about how the dynamic code interacts with the presentation HTML, so you don't inadvertently mess up the dynamic code functions, but such changes are easy to make and fully encouraged.) Simple edits such as moving the position of the image on the product details page, or the location of the add to cart button would fall into this category.

  • How does Cartweaver 4 handle shipping?

    Built In:

    Cartweaver 4 has a robust built in shipping system that can handle local and international shipping. This can be set up to match your business requirements, and "dialed in" to be extremely flexible and accurate. The advantage of using this built in system is that it is self-contained and not dependent on connections to an outside source. For many, this system is just what they need.

    Third Party Connection (UPS):

    If you prefer to connect to a third party shipping service such as UPS, Cartweaver supports that too! You can set up your UPS account and enter your connection information in the Cartweaver admin to retrieve shipping costs from their system.

    Regardless of which system you choose, please keep in mind that no system is 100% perfect, and some differences in estimated cost and actual shipping cost can exist due to factors such as weight or dimensions of the product you ship. However, Cartweaver 4 makes it very easy to make adjustments as needed to be sure both you and your customer are getting the most accurate shipping costs.

  • How does Cartweaver 4 handle sales tax?

    Built In:

    Cartweaver 4 has a powerful and extremely flexible built in sales tax system. This system is designed to meet most common sales tax needs including the Canadian tax system and the more complex European VAT tax. Cartweaver's built in tax system will handle most current sales tax requirements.

    However, sales tax for e-retailers is getting more complex in general, and meeting these requirements presents a moving target. So what if you live in an area where the default system doesn't have enough options, or what if tax codes become more difficult?

    Third Party System (AvaTax):

    Tax codes becoming more difficult and complex is an inevitable phenomenon, fortunately third party vendors are filling the gap, allowing web developers and business owners to offload this process with real-time tax lookup services, which integrated into a website in much the same way as payment gateway providers. These services make sure you collect the correct taxes, and assure your business remains compliant with tax codes and requirements as thet evolve. Cartweaver 4 proudly supports the industry leader in this area, AvaTax by Avalara. For example, if you do business in Florida or Washington state, or any state or region that has, shall we say, a more challenging system, Cartweaver's integration with Avalara can be a life saver!

  • How secure is Cartweaver 4?

    VERY! Security is our top priority.

    Data Sanity: Cartweaver 4 has been carefully developed and extensively tested to provide the best data security possible, including specialized functions to scan and "sanitize" all persisted url and form variables before any data is passed into the cart system, to prevent malicious attacks such as SQL injection. This functionality can easily be extended to other pages of your PHP or ColdFusion application.

    Data Security: Additional security measures written into each and every Cartweaver operation verify all values and SQL commands passed to the database, before any queries are executed. ensuring that no malicious command strings or errant data ever make it to the database.

    Data Protection: Cartweaver 4 NEVER stores customer credit card data. It is not kept in the database, stored in sessions or cookies, persisted in form posts or visible in the system, ever. When customer payment information is collected, the values are immediately passed off to the payment gateway provider and then promptly "forgotten". Note: be sure to have your site protected by an properly-installed SSL certificate to ensure the crucial data is encrypted during transit.

  • Is Cartweaver 4 PCI Compliant?

    This is more a matter of your chosen gateway and your host. Cartweaver is secure in that it NEVER stores credit card data. It is not stored in the database, nor is it stored in session variables or cookies. All credit card data is immediately passed off to the payment gateway provider and then "forgotten". As long as you have an SSL Certificates installed and properly set up, your site will be totally secure concerning private credit card data. Additionally, all passed variables and data are effectively "sanitized" to prevent malicious data transfer. PCI

    You may also find this information helpful: PCI compliance, what you should know

    Can a Cartweaver site be certified? Absolutely!

    A great number of sites have passed PCI compliance audits of all types using Cartweaver - once your site is set up and properly secured with an SSL certificate, your database is secure, and you are connected to one of the more reputable real-time gateway provides such as Authorize Net, you will be able to initiate the process of PCI compliance certification. Working with your hosting provider, most PCI compliance hurdles can be bypassed with a few server-side adjustments when required. This can take some time to sort out, depending on which testing agency is certifying your site. We recommend choosing a good host that is both helpful and familiar with PCI security.

  • How many sites can I build with Cartweaver 4?

    Cartweaver is licensed to the individual developer. That developer can use Cartweaver to develop as many sites as he/she wishes. If there is more than one developer working on the Cartweaver site(s), such as in a work group or team environment, each individual developer would need to purchase a copy. Cartweaver may be used to develop sites for the end user, that is a client who wishes to have a shopping cart, or for the developer's own site. The Cartweaver code in whole or in part may not be resold to other developers for the purpose of web or application development.

    This licensing arrangement makes Cartweaver as affordable and useful to the individual developer as possible, without having to worry about "site licenses".

    The 'test' for whether you are within the license parameters is as follows...

    1:It's just you using Cartweaver 4. (If there are other developers involved, each developer is required to purchase a license.)

    2: The clients you are developing for are end user/merchants. That is, they administer their store via the admin and are not developers using Dreamweaver or some other web development application to edit their site. Adobe Contribute or any similar Content Management system would be an exception - the licensing refers to accessing the site at a code level. (If the client will be accessing the site in Dreamweaver or the like via FTP, refer to #1.)

    3: You cannot sell, repackage or give away Cartweaver 4 code in whole or in part, or any derivatives thereof, to anyone for the purpose of website or other application development. (Again, refer to #1.)

    Note: this does not apply to Adobe Contribute, which is a content maintenance program and not a website editor. If your client uses Contribute to maintain the static pages or other portions of a dynamic Cartweaver site, there is no conflict with the license agreement.

  • Which database platforms does Cartweaver 4 support?

    Both the ColdFusion and PHP versions of Cartweaver 4 ship with a database setup utility, which will automatically add the required tables and data structure to your mySQL database (Cartweaver 4 supports MySQL 4 and later).

    Simply create a new database (or install directly into your existing Cartweaver 3 MySQL db) and add the data source connection information to your Cartweaver configuration file (see installation instructions for details). Save the settings, then browse your site's administration area. If the Cartweaver 4 tables do not yet exist, you will be automatically redirected to the database setup page, where simply clicking the "create database" button will insert the Cartweaver 4 tables, fields, and sample records to your database. You will then be ready to log in and get started!

  • Which payment gateways does Cartweaver 4 support?

    Cartweaver has built in support for Authorize Net (AIM), PayPal Standard (PayPal IPN), WorldPay Select Junior and SagePay UK, with more integrations in development.
    Cartweaver 4 has an extremely powerful and flexible gateway integration API that makes adding new gateways easier than ever before. The existing supported gateways can act as a model for integrating additional gateways. If you have a gateway you would like to add to your Cartweaver store, contact us for integration assistance or advice, or visit the Cartweaver Community Forums.

    AuthorizeNet PayPalsagepay woldpay ... and more on the way!

    Authorize Net Emulation: In addition to the native supported gateways above, many payment gateway providers offer an "Authorize Net Emulation API", meaning Cartweaver's gateway integration will work with their system, usually with just a simple change of the API destination URL, and the key code provided by the new gateway. Go to our Resources section for more information on this or do a simple Google Search under "Authorize Net Emulation" for more information and ideas.

  • Should I use PHP or ColdFusion?

    With two different application server models (also known as programming languages) available, you may not be sure which version Cartweaver is right for you. If you are already familiar with either PHP or ColdFusion, the choice is easy - unless you have a very compelling reason to choose otherwise, it is best to work with the language you are comfortable programming with.

    But what if you are completely new to dynamic web sites and are "starting from scratch? Here's some more information that you will find helpful.

    Cartweaver 4 supports PHP OR ColdFusion ?

  • What framework was used to create Cartweaver 4?

    Cartweaver 4 doesn't use a particular coding "framework" but a general set of good programming practices. While not strictly "object oriented", it does keep the data, function and presentation layers separated. For example, if you need to change one of the common product queries as part of a modification, the change can be made in one place, with the changes applied to your entire site. The whole application refers to the same query or queries... no digging around to find them. This is the same for the program functions, allowing a designer to work on layout and styling, without the bulky processing code getting in the way. It also allows developers to work on application functionality without sifting through pages of presentation code.

    Code developers will find the separation of application layers and the clear inline commenting and documentation a refreshing change from most eCommerce applications, making their job much easier!

    For the non coder, Cartweaver just works, It is easy to implement and design, just the way you need it.